Our Curriculum - Library

The St Mary's Library aims to service the recreational and information needs of the student community, the curriculum needs of each class and the professional needs of the staff. The library is open 8.25am-8.50am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for borrowing.

Students in all stages have a 'Library' lesson each week or fortnight, where they enjoy literacy or information literacy based activity with a focus on the HSIE curriculum and are encouraged to borrow  regularly. They are allowed to borrow between 2 and 4 books per week depending on stages.

Children in all stages are allowed to borrow more books each week if they are taking part in the Premier's Reading Challenge. All damages and losses must be paid for in full.

If books are not returned then students will not be allowed to take books home. 

All  students must have a library bag (preferably one that is waterproof) to prevent damage to books.