Our School - School Vision


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School lives and celebrates the Gospel values in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith.  It is a place where students are nurtured and empowered to become independent life-long learners. St Mary’s is a harmonious community where all members are valued and respected.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a sacred place where we live Christ’s mission in word and action. With Christ as our guide and inspiration we welcome all and encourage each other to grow spiritually. We are rich in stories and tradition providing a strong foundation for life.

Educational excellence drives our successful and dynamic learning community. We nurture innovative approaches to teaching and learning ensuring opportunities for individual achievement.

Learning is collaborative and student centred focusing on meeting current and future needs. Students have pride and confidence in their work and are challenged to reach their potential.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces compassion and respect for all. We work and grow together in a happy, secure and healthy environment where every individual has a sense of belonging.

We are enriched by strong partnerships with families, parish and the wider community as we prepare our students to be effective leaders of tomorrow.