Parent Info - Absence or Illness

Absence Illness and Leave


In the event of a student\'s absence, a SMS will be sent to your mobile phone asking for an explanation of their absence.  A reply to the SMS, an email to the school or a note to the class teacher is required within a week of the absence occurring. Alternatively, an absentee entry can be entered by the parent on the Compass portal. 

If no explanation is received within a week the absence will be recorded as unexplained.  

Class rolls are marked electronically and we are unable to alter absences after the 7 days have passed.  Absences appear on school reports each semester as either explained or unexplained. 

Late Arrival or Early Departure

It is expected that all students will be at school on time.

Students arriving late must be signed in by their parents at the office. Written advice from a parent confirming the reason for being late or an Early Departure from school must be provided to the office on the child\'s return by completing the student sign in/sign out register.

Leave during academic time

Pupils are expected to attend school for the full period of the term. If however, a family wishes to apply for leave for exceptional circumstances that will require an absence of ten days or more a form MUST be completed by a parent and returned to the school prior to leave being taken.

These forms can be obtained from the school office.

NB: This form is not required for medical leave.


Students requiring medication during the school day must leave these at the School Office with appropriate instructions from their parents or guardians. A record will be kept at the School Office of all medication administered. The only exception is asthma puffers, which students should keep in their school bags for easy access if required. 
St Mary’s does not stock any form of pain relief (eg paracetamol, ibuprofen, asprin) on the school premises. If your child requires pain relief during school hours parents are required to provide the medication and written instructions stating the dosage and time required.
Students requiring medication on a school excursion or camp are required to give this medication to the teacher in charge or the designated medical officer, with appropriate instructions from their parents or guardians.
For a Short Term Medication Form please click here